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What is Legends Racing?

In 1992, Charlotte Motor Speedway (formerly Lowe's Motor Speedway) officials noticed a need for lower cost racing cars with little maintenance time and cost. They found such a car existed, in the guise of the motorcycle-engined dwarf car, a 5/8-scale, steel-bodied and fenderless '35 Ford coupe, which was being manufactured by the Dwarf Car Company in Phoenix, Arizona. As the coupe concept was not exactly in line in what they were looking for, and deeming steel replacement bodywork too costly, they adapted the dwarf car concept to fit their needs, creating cars resembling those of the '30s and '40s which competed in the early NASCAR modified tour races.

To this day, the primary difference between the two cars is the legends have fenders over the tires, whereas the dwarfs have no fenders. The first legends car was unveiled in April 1992 at Lowe's by track president and general manager Humpy Wheeler and road racer Elliott Forbes-Robinson. Legends cars are produced by US Legend Cars International (formerly 600 Racing, Inc.) in Harrisburg, North Carolina. They are the largest mass producer of race cars in the world.

With four to five races per round, reverse grids and more overtaking in a race than in a year of Formula 1, Legends Racing, if nothing else, will entertain you!

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